Scientific Journal "Compressors and Pneumatics"


The journal has been published since 1991. Since January 2017, the journal has been published by the Kazan National Research Technological University.

Founder – Association of Specialists in Compressors and Pneumatics. The Journal operates on the basis of the Certificate of Registration of the Mass Media PI № 77-11904 dated February 26, 2002.

ISSN 2413-3035

Magazine thematic and specialization: compressor and pneumatic system equipment applying for petrochemical, automotive and refrigeration industries; information about industrial manufactures and new developments of the compressor and pneumatic system equipment; contribution to professional activities of specialists of the compressor and pneumatic system equipment designing, manufacturing and exploitation

Distribution territory of the journal: Russian Federation, CIS countries. There is an organized subscription in JSC "Rospechat", the publication index 79749 (Contract № 9395), JSC "Subscription and Retail Agency", the publication index 18596 (Contract № 9401/RP/T).

Journal is placed in the open, partially paid access in the Scientific Electronic Library (participates in the program for the formation of the Russian Science Citation Index). Agreement № 30-01/2017 dated 03.01.2017.

Journal in eLibrary: (full-text access).

The journal is included in the list of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles of the Russian Federation for publication of scientific research in the specialty 05.04.06 "Vacuum, compressor equipment and pneumatic systems".

Frequency of publication - 4 times a year (since 2018); volume - 48 pages of A4 format; circulation-250 copies.

Sections of the journal:

1. Calculation and Design

2. Technology

3. Operation

4. Economics

4. Conferences, Exhibitions

5. Information

6. Personalities


Еditor-in-Chief: Khisameev I.G. – Dr. Sci. (Techn.), Prof., KNRTU

Deputie of the editor-in-Chief: Alyaev V. A. – Dr. Sci. (Techn.), Prof., KNRTU (Russia)

Editorial Board:

Galerkin Yu. B. – Dr. Sci. (Techn.), Prof., St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (Russia)

Burmistrov A. V. – Dr. Sci. (Techn.), Prof., KNRTU(Russia)

Demikhov K. E. – Dr. Sci. (Techn.), Prof., Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia)

Zakharenko V. P. – Dr. Sci. (Techn.), Prof., St. Peterburg Polytechnic University, “NPC “Kompressori BS”

Kuznetsov L. G. – Dr. Sci. (Techn.), Prof., Director of AO “Kompressor”, St. Petersburg (Russia)

Kulagin V. A. – Dr. Sci. (Techn.), Prof., Siberian Federal University (Russia)

Parafeinic V. P. – Dr. Sci. (Techn.), Prof., SKB PAO «Sumskoe NPO im. M.V. Frunze» (Ukrane)

Skrinnik Yu. N. – PhD, Director of “GMS Kompressori” St. Petersburg (Russia)

Sukhomlinov I. Ya. – Dr. Sci. (Techn.), Prof., AO “VNIIHolodmash-Holding” (Russia)

Tcigankov A.V. – Dr. Sci. (Techn.), Prof., ITMO University, St. Petersburg (Russia)

Shaikhutdinov A.Z. – PhD, Deputie of director in science “Gazprom VNIIGaz”

Yusha, V. L. – Dr. Sci. (Techn.), Prof., Omsk State Technical University (Russia)

Amin Haghjoo – PhD, Technology Leader, Ingersoll-Rand company (Germany)

Ignatiev K.M. – PhD, Emerson Climate Technologies Inc. (USA)

Jan Krysinski - Dr. Sci. (Techn.), Prof., Lodz University of Technology (Poland)

Ian Kenneth Smith - BSc.PhD, City, University of London (UK)

Executive Secretary: Khanzin A. M (email: