Director: Mansur F. Galikhanov

Address: 10, Popov street, 420029, Kazan, Tatarstan, Russia

phone: +7(843)279-40-49; +7(843)231-40-74


International Affairs: +7 (843) 231-43-19;

The Institute of Additional Professional Education appeared from the Faculty of Advanced Training for University Professors in 1998 under the leadership of Full Professor V.G. Ivanov. Today the Institute consists of 3 faculties, 4 centers and 8 Schools. 208 programs of additional professional education are realized by highly qualified professors.

The Institute runs different types of programs:

  • Specialist and Bachelor’s Degrees;
  • Advanced training for raising the qualification of professionals in the sphere of their work;
  • Professional retraining for adults to master a new profession.
This diversity of programs creates an active and collegial atmosphere both for coursework and for student study and research, and gives students the opportunity to learn about a variety of fields.

The Institute of Additional Professional Education collaborates with the largest companies of petrochemical complex of the Russian Federation and the Tatarstan Republic.

The Institute gives an opportunity for getting a new profession and offers the programs of professional retraining. Here you will learn technological processes of chemical and machine building complex, pedagogical aspects of university education, organizational psychology, management and entrepreneurship, economics of petrochemical industry, social communication and foreign languages in professional communication.

The Institute offers advanced training for people who want to refresh or broaden their experience with real-world applications through these courses and use it in their professional activity.

The programs of additional education cover a broad range of fields:

  • Petrochemical technologies;
  • Economics, management, marketing and engineering pedagogics;
  • Standardization and quality management;
  • Health, safety and environment;
  • Special chemical technology;
  • Economics and management;
  • Pedagogics, psychology and sociology;
  • Light industry, fashion and design;
  • Food technology and biotechnology;
  • Biomedicine;
  • Woodworking;
  • Driver’s Licensing.
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