Dean of Energy Intensive Materials Faculty

Full Professor, Doctor of Technical Science in Engineering, European Engineering Educator

mailing address: Department of Chemistry and Technology of High Molecular Weight Compounds, KSTU, 68 Karl Marx str., Kazan, 420015, Russian Federation.

e-mail: ptrv@kstu.ru

phone / fax : +7 (843) 273-96-12

location: office 215, building I-1,41 Siberian tract str., Kazan

Birthplace and date:

Kazan, April 25, 1965

Work Experience:

  • 1991-1993 – Research Scientist at Department of Chemistry and Technology of High Molecular Weight Compounds of Kazan State Chemical Technological Institute;
  • 1993-1996 – Instructor at Department of Chemistry and Technology of High Molecular Weight Compounds of Kazan State Technological University;
  • 1996-2009 – Associate Professor at Department of Chemistry and Technology of High Molecular Weight Compounds of Kazan State Technological University;
  • 1996-1998 - Deputy Dean of Chemical Engineering Faculty for teaching and education affairs;
  • 2005 - 2008 – Deputy Director of Chemical Engineering and Technology Institute for work with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree students;
  • since 2008 – Dean of Energy Intensive Materials Faculty;
  • since July, 2009 – Full Professor at Department of Chemistry and Technology of High-Molecular Weight Compounds of Kazan State Technological University.

Personal Qualities:

Aspired to self-development, persevering, assiduous, responsible, communicative, tactful.


- Russian – native
- English – spoken, technical

Areas of Research:
- Physical chemistry and technology of energy intensive materials and composites.
- Physical and chemical aspects of cellulose ethers, ester and their complexes synthesis.
- Technology and operational properties of composite materials based on cellulose esters.
- Low temperature RF plasma modi-fication of structure and intensification of physical and chemical processes in technology of ma-terials based on cellulose and cellulose esters.
- Preparation and properties investigation of nanosized energy intensive substances and compositions on their basis.

Practical Experience:
- practical engineering techniques;
- SEM, IR, and X-ray methods for study of compounds and composites fine structure;
- implementation of research outcomes at industrial enterprises;
- use of supercritical fluid technologies for properties modifying of energy intensive materials.

Courses taught:
- physics and chemistry of natural and artificial polymers

Number of publications:

Over 120

Main publications:

  1. Petrov V.A., three co-authors // Composite materials base on polypropylene matrix and cellulose filler. Theses of XVII Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry / Materials and nano technologies, Kazan 21-26 September, 2003. – p.338.
  2. Petrov V.A., four co-authors // Creation of technology of high viscosity cellulose tri-acetate for special films/ Ethers of cellulose and starch: synthesis, properties, application. Mate-rials of the All-Russia scientific and technical conference with the international participation. Joint-Stock Company " Polucell ", Suzdal – 2003.- p. 28-34.
  3. Petrov V.A., four co-authors // Structure of cellulose nitrates received on the basis of the cotton cellulose modified by Low-pressure Radio-frequency plasma. Works 4 International symposiums on theoretical and applied plasma chemistry / Ivanovo, Ivanovo state chemical-technologist Un., 2005. - Т.2.- p. 343-345.
  4. Petrov V.A., three co-authors // Influence of Low-pressure Radio-frequency plasma upon process etherification of cellulose / Theses of reports XXXII Zvenigorod conferences on physics of plasma and controllable thermonuclear synthesis. - Zvenigorod, - 2005, p. 239.
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