KNRTU at the Tatarstan Petrochemical Forum – 2021


On August 31, the opening of the Tatarstan Petrochemical Forum – 2021 took place at Kazan Expo International Exhibition Center. More than 150 companies from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Belarus participated in the event. KNRTU exposition was presented by Acting Rector Yury Kazakov and Vice Rector for Research Aleksandr Kopylov.

KNRTU boarding lyceum students presented their developments to the members of the government delegation headed by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov. Artur Bagaveev introduced his research on cleaning the soil from oil pollution using worms that process organic waste into fertilizer. Diana Gilmanova presented her project on optimizing the control of the hydrocarbon composition of oil fractions for primary crude oil processing.

Timur Deberdeev, Chair of the Department of Processing Technology of Polymers and Composite Materials, represented a modern environmentally friendly technology for cellulose production from plant waste performing a coffee cup made from straw. This development will help to produce a whole range of materials from agricultural waste that were previously thrown away or burned.

KNRTU also demonstrated a moquette of a modular mobile unit for the oil sludge disposal by supercritical fluid extraction.Vener Khairutdinov, Associate Professor of the Department of Heat Engineering, noted that the project would allow to extract up to 96% of commercial hydrocarbons from oil sludge. The technology is ready for industrial implementation and is relevant for oil producing and oil refining enterprises. Compared to foreign alternatives, KNRTU technology is waste-free and costs 2-3 times cheaper.

Another set of developments were related to the extraction of hard-to-recover oil reserves and a whole range of reagents for oil production. The project was carried out under the guidance of Nataliya Bashkirceva, Dean of the Faculty of Petroleum and Petrochemistry. The authors of the project Rifat Mingazov and Dmitry Kuriashov, Associate Professors of the Department of Chemical Technology of Petroleum and Gas Processing, were awarded the second place in the nomination "Innovative Environmentally Friendly Technologies" among the best project of the exhibition.

Source: KNRTU