First Online Conference UNINET-KNRTU


On November 9, KNRTU team took part in online conference on Environmental Health and Food Security, held under the aegis of Eurasia-Pacific Uninet. With a total of 176 member institutions in 15 countries, this network promotes multilateral scientific cooperation, joint research projects, conferences as well as faculty and student exchange.

The last time KNRTU took part in Eurasia-Pacific Uninet 6th plenary session, that was held in 2019 and mainly aimed at discussing issues in common research interest areas for further joint projects and cooperation between participating organizations. This year, the conference key objectives are the exchange of experience in the field of environmental health and food security between the university of Austria and KNRTU, and establishing partnership in the framework of the association activities.

The conference started with an opening address of the Eurasia-Pacific Uninet President, professor Wolf-Dieter Rausch. The participants were also welcomed by Vice Rector for Research and Innovation of KNRTU Aleksandr Kopylov and Head of International Affairs Anna Ebel.

Representatives of the University of Veterinary Medicine (Vienna) Dr. Friederike Hilbert, Dr. Gabriele Flekna and Dr. Alois Strasser presented their reports on such topics as “Food safety in a global world”, “Animal welfare at slaughter – Legal requirements for stunning and killing in the European Union” and “Antioxidant additives counteracting harmful effects of deoxynivalenol”.

Another participant, Dr. Teresa Valencak represented College of Animal Sciences of Zhejiang University and was giving a paper on the role of heat for milk production in mammals. Professor, Dr. Josef Boehm reported on “Classical Mycotoxins in Animal Husbandry Nutrition “.

Our professors at the Institute of Food Engineering and Biotechnology Rustem Khabibullin and Elena V. Nikitina spoke on "Influence of hydraulic and organic load on the anaerobic-aerobic dairy wastewater treatment characteristics” and “Physicochemical and morphological characterization of potato starch modified by bacterial amylases and its application in dairy industry”.

At the end of the conference the President of the association Wolf-Dieter Rausch addressed to the participants with a closing speech and Dean for the Faculty of Food Technologies Prof. Alexander Sirotkin thanked his colleagues for a fruitful meeting and informative reports. He also expressed a desire on behalf of KNRTU to continue cooperation in particular spheres, that were touched upon during the discussion, as well as in other research areas.

Source: KNRTU