On November 11, Kazan National Research Technological University held a roundtable on Interinstitutional Cooperation and It`s Importance in Attracting International Students to the Russian Regions.

The event gathered representatives from various Kazan universities, Ministries and Agencies of the Republic of Tatarstan. Some participants joined the seminar online.

Acting Rector of Kazan National Research Technological University Yury Kazakov welcomed guests. He sounded the viewpoint of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation that internalization becomes a key component of the development policy in higher education, including “Priority-2030” project.

‘Attraction of international students is one of priorities for universities, moreover it`s imperative to attract talented students who are interested in Master`s and PhD programs or staying in Russia to work, – noted a moderator of the seminar, Head of KNRTU International Affairs Anna Ebel, – however, in view of the strong rivalry all over the world, it is not easy to face up to the challenge, and today we gathered to consolidate our efforts’.

KNRTU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Dilbar Sultanova joined the voice of greeting. She shared KNRTU experience of Erasmus + programs of the European Union and invited PhD students to the International Doctoral Training Center launched at the university.

Head of KNRTU Faculty of International Educational Programs Andrey Vasilyev told about history of cooperation between local universities since 1994 and represented prospects of collaboration in education.

One of the guests of the seminar, NSU Head of International Department Evgeny Sagaidak shared a vast experience of interdepartmental work on the development of expert potential of educational organizations in region.

KFU Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs Timirhan Alishev noted the achievements for the republic in attracting foreign students.

Rector of the University of Management "TISBI" Andrey Lopatin told about the unique developments of the university (inclusive education, enduring cooperation with UNESCO) and outlined such problems as the existing segregation of universities into public and private, as well as the often low entry level of foreigners.

KSPEU Vice-Rector for Development and Innovation Irina Akhmetova represented activities of the Consortium of Technical Education of Russia and Kazakhstan as an effective tool for interuniversity cooperation in education and research.

Representative of the Republic of Tatarstan in Kazakhstan Denis Valeev gave his speech online on cooperation between our republics in education.

In conclusion, the Head of the department of international educational programs and projects of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tatarstan Bulat Yarullin made a closing address to the participants.

All the participants of the Roundtable noted both the importance of interuniversity cooperation and the need to consolidate efforts and work out mechanisms of interaction with all stakeholders in the development of education exports in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Source: KNRTU