Professor Sanger Held an Open Seminar on Project Management


On November 29, Professor Phillip A. Sanger held an open seminar with his Master degree students. The class presented its joint course project to the invited professors, guests from media service and International Affairs.

Professor Sanger works with the students of Smart Material Program and teaches them to run different projects. This time MSc students were challenged to create a project on producing a short video about their experience related to the Program.

The goal of the video project is to attract undergraduate students who plan to continue their research. Although the project is still under development, the students presented their ideas and concept.

During the seminar, students discussed technical issues, script ideas and identified the target audience. The guests of the seminar put forward several ideas and recommendations to make the video more interesting and informative.

After the seminar, the students held a discussion of their presentation taking into account the proposed ideas and adjusted the further action plan. The students plan to finish their project by April 2022.


In 2021, KNRTU Department of Physical and Colloid Chemistry launched interdisciplinary Master Degree Program on Smart Materials, which was designed to educate students in recent advances of smart materials

Source: KNRTU